Are fittings and gaskets important in hassle-free window use?

Not everyone knows that a long-lasting smooth window operation depends on the care of such things as window fittings and gaskets . At least once a year, lubricate and adjust the fittings if necessary . Overview begin by checking whether any elements of the window metal construction is loose or worn . All moving parts need lubrication or oiling . For maintenance use only products that in no way affect the corrosion protection of hardware . If you notice that the window does not close perfectly , or is slightly lowered , adjust the level and pressure of the frame with screws at the hinges . Gaskets also require maintenance. It involves the application of an appropriate substance against weather and preventing freezing of gaskets to profiles in the winter. Best suited for that are special sybstances based on silicone resins.

Are plastic windows better than wooden?

Plastic windows are completely resistant to moisture, fungi, mold, pests, etc. They do not require laborious maintenance, scratching or painting. They remain white for many, many years. However fans of wooden windows, despite complicated and expensive maintenance, believe that wood is the most beautiful and best material for window frames. Therefore, it remains a contentious issue, what is the most appropriate choice, It certainly depends on personal preference.

What is the cause of dew on windows from the inside?

Perhaps the humidity is too high in the room. Check the operation of natural ventilation and fresh air from the outside, eg by a short, intense airing or leaving the sash ajar for a long time. Maintenance visit is required in a situation when there is condensation inside the glazing. This may be due to the loss of glass unit tightness which require replacement.

To what extent argon between the glass panes can save on heating?

The use of the argon on its own results in a decrease of the heat transfer coefficient of only about 10% compared to a standard glass. The low-emission glass units U = 1.1 W/m2K and U = 1.0 W/m2K recommended by us, include modern low-E coatings and argon and cause a reduction of the heat transfer coefficient by about 70% compared to standard glass.

What causes the evaporation of glass units from the outside?

This phenomenon is most commonly observed in spring and autumn. It is connected with higher humidity and higher temperature differences inside and outside. This phenomenon does not indicate a glass or window defect

How to mount corner windows?

Corner window may be connected by 90°or 135° connectors . Window dimensions (window opening) is dependent on the window profile.

When to remove the protective film from the windows?

If the window installation is planned for the long run, the protective film must be removed no later than three months from the date of delivery and when the windows are installed right away - the film should be removed within a maximum period of one month after installation. Of course, for the time of plastering, the windows should be carefully protected from damage and dirt getting into the fittings.

When giving the window dimensions do you first provide the window width or the height?

When measuring, we always provide the width of the windows first, and then the height of the window.

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