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Advantages of windows Skylight premium
  • made of dirt- and age- resistant PVC, additionally reinforced with galvanized steel to improve the window static and to facilitate hardware mounting,
  • metallurgical covering coated with polyester varnishes,
  • handle in the lower sash element allows to openin the window to the airing position,
  • mounting on roofs with pitches between 15 ° and even 75 °,
  • the position of the sash in the frame easily adjustable
  • full sash opening restricted by a brake
  • excellent sealing system thanks to three seals ,
  • thermal transmittance Uw = 1.4 [W/m2K].

Dobroplast roof wndow is new on the market, supported by experience and dynamic development of one of the largest branch of windows and doors in Poland. Dobroplast Skylights can be installed in all conditions with an indication of the areas with high humidity.

They do not require maintenance, which makes them easy to use. They are characterised by good heat and sound insulation, sealing and safety of use and installation.

Outside metal sheet available in:
  • standard RAL 8019 (brown),
  • Custom RAL 7043 (gray),

Also available in veneered PVC: golden oak, walnut and mahogany.


golden oak



For all veneers, PVC profiles are coloured in the mass, respectively, 8001 (golden oak), 8019 (walnut and mahogany).

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