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Flashings are an integral part of correctly installed roof window. They protect and seal against atmospheric factors, rainwater and post snow water as well as from the wind.

The flashings are made of aluminium sheet similar to flashings in grade 3105 H42 in standard RAL 8019 and RAL 7043 colours. The significant advantage of the SKYLIGHT and SKYLIGHT PREMIUM roof windows is the innovative way of joining the frame. By placing the upper part of the flashing in a special groove and covering it with the gasket, the possibility of any water leakage is completely eliminated.

SKYLIGHT PREMIUM and SKYLIGHT windows are available with four types of fl ashings:
F - flashing for high type coverings (e.g. ceramic tile, metal tile sheet)
P - flashing for flat type coverings (e.g. bituminous shingle),
M - modular; MP - modular for flat coverings, MF - modular for high type coverings *,
K - L-shaped roof window flashings (for connecting the roof window to the façade window).

* Special flashings allow you to install windows side-by-side or one above the other.

Flashings for high “F” or flat „P” type of roof covering F

Flashings for F high roof covering can be used to install windows in the profi led roofi ng. It is possible to accurately seal and drain water from the flashing to the roof thanks to the elastic element of the lower flashing part. Flashing element numbers correspond to the order of assembly.

Flashing for flat P roof covering allow a tight connection of windows with flat roof covering, such as shingles. The numbers of flashing elements

“M” Modular flashings

Modular flashings allow the windows to be joined in combination: horizontally and vertically. In modular flashings, the required condition to order is to specify the width of the roof rafters between the windows in order to optimize the placement of windows in the roof structure.

Slate flashings

L-shape roof window flashings for high “F” and flat “P” roof covering type.

L-shaped roof windows modular flashings for high “W” and flat “P” roof covering type.

Flat roof flashing

Slate, L-shaped, both single and modular as well as flat roof fl ashings shall be individually non standard estimated.

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