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The TERMO LOFT roof access window technically matches the TERMO window system. An aesthetic, simple profile gives the product an attractive and modern look. The roof access window provides a secure exit to the roof for maintenance work.

The TERMO LOFT roof access window is based on the design of the TERMO roof window. It has been made of the same materials. Sash and frame profiles are additionally filled with insulating material with even better thermal performance.

Windows in this version have very high thermal parameters, durability and acoustic performance.

  • It has the same thermal performance, durability and acoustic properties.
  • Equipped with a glazing unit with warm spacer of 4H / 16TGI + Ar / 4T as standard,
  • It can be unsealed by the handle in the ventilation position
  • It is able to open to the right or left side of the roof
  • It is available in colours of flashings and PVC characteristic for the SKYLIGHT roof window.

Technical parameters:

Profile  4-chamber with 2 gaskets
Reinforcement   Frame and wing, 1.5 mm Galvanized Steel
Number of chambers in frame   2
Number of chambers in sash   4
value window reference feature450x730   Uw= 1,5 W/m2K
Heat transfer coefficient   4H/16TGI+Ar/4T/ Ug = 1,0 W/m2K
Spacer frame   Plastic
gas-filled   argon
Window position   Closed, open, microventilation
Colour version of windows   Laminated colours in accordance with the LG pallette
Air Permeability   Class 2 (according to EN 12207)
Water Penetration Test   Class E1050 (according to EN 12208)
Resistance to wind load   Class C3 (according to EN 12210)

Instructions for using roof access windows

TERMO roof window fittings require no maintenance. Before the winter season you can lubricate the seals with grease spray. After installing the window, tear off the protective film from the profiles and the cover.


Available in standard flashing colours RAL 8019 (brown) and RAL 7043 (grey) and veneered in the following colours:

  • Walnut,
  • Golden Oak,
  • Mahogany,
  • Pine.

For PVC windows veneered in golden oak, walnut and mahagony profiles are dyed in mass in RAL 8019 colour.

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